Summer 2014 Update & upcoming mission to Jamaica

 August 9, 2014 Update

HI Friends
Greeting in Jesus most precious name
We continually pray for you that you are well in the Lord and striving to walk the narrow path. Our Lord’s appearance is closer than we may realize. Focus on Him in everything so that we all pull together and encourage each other in the times that we are in.
We have been very active with Overcomers here in the Beaver Creek Prison in Gravenhurst, Ontario. We attend weekly and have an average of 23 men out. We have 35 registered some have been  released and have taken their books with them so they can continue on after leaving. Praise the Lord. We will be having our first graduation Sept. 29. What a joyous time that will be. Sorry I won’t be able to sent pictures.
June 23 we had the first Overcomers graduation in London at Ark Aid Street Mission with 2 groups, one men’s and one women’s. The staff there were surprised and blessed at the changes in the people due to the program. Pastor Dan Morand became our first Certified Instructor in London, soon to be a Program Director. He has started 5 groups. three have completed the program and he is training  four people to be Certified Instructors. Praise the Lord. (See picture below)
July 18-20 we were at a conference in Fort Erie. There was ministry, and fellowship.
July 22-23 we had the second Overcomers graduation in London at Ark Aid Street Mission with five graduates four of which are leading other groups. (See picture below.)
Pray for me I have had some health issues where I have spent a week ago Friday in the hospital and had to go for test in Peterborough last Tuesday and more tests this coming Wednesday. They wanted me to go on Monday but I told them no Mondays. I have made a commitment to the inmates to be there and that is our priority. The Word says let your yes be yes. Unless I am absolutely not able to physically go I will  keep my commitment, remembering what ever we do, we do unto the Lord.
I have an upcoming 2nd MRI on my back as I have been diagnosed with severe degenerative disc disease at C 4-C 5 and a pinched spinal cord as well as other a pinched nerve at the lower spine and bulging discs.
I have an appointment with a surgeon on Sept. 12. BUT WHO’S REPORT AM I GOING TO BELIEVE? I SHALL BELIEVE THE REPORT OF THE LORD. I know where this is coming from and I shall press on to do the work of the Lord as long as I have breath because I am not my own I was bought with a great price and I belong to my Precious Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST to accomplish His will for His Glory. Amen!
We have been continuing weekly seniors movie night on Sundays.
We are hosting at The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Haliburton an Emmanuel Fellowship Day Saturday August 16 starting at 1 PM. We will have Fellowship, Worship. A POT BLESSING meal together around 4:30. Bring whatever you are lead to bring, if this is truly lead of The Holy Spirit, He knows how to direct the children of God. The afternoon speaker is Pastor Tim Jones from Waterloo and whoever else the Lord leads. We will also be showing a short interview of when I was on Huntley Street so people can get a better view of who I am and what I have come from. Our evening guest speaker is Brian Laidler from Grand Bend at 6 PM, and more fellowship.  Karl Berg from Goderich, ON., President of Eagle’s Wings, Karl Berg Ministries will be there with his 12 string guitar. click the eagle to enter his web site. He will be bring some of his music CD’s.
This is all lead by the Holy Spirit. a time of just getting to know one another and being lead by The Holy Spirit. If the Lord leads you to come, COME AND BE BLESSED!!!
Finally we will are preparing for our mission trip to Jamaica with Charles & Sharon Burton the Founders of The Overcomers Recovery Support Program, October 21 – Nov. 4. The trip will consist of  Overcomers graduations, Prison Ministry, Outreach, distribute Bibles and should the Lord provide the funds, feed children.The Lord knows what is needed for this trip and He knows how to direct His children.
 If the Lord leads you to partner with us in this mission please make check payable to Zechariah 4:6 Ministries and mail to address below or click link to pay by credit card or Pay Pal.
PS. Our year end is September 30 and we are in need of a sponsor for a bookkeeper, we have been quoted a fee of $2260.00 for the year which with our current support we can not manage, if anyone would like to contribute  to this or volunteer to help with bookkeeping it would be greatly appreciated. GOD KNOWS
God bless each and every one of you in Jesus most precious Name.
Pastor Dan Morand, 1st Certified Instructor at Ark Aid Street Mission

Pastor Dan Morand, 1st Certified Instructor at Ark  Aid Street Mission

     June 2014 Overcomers Graduation  at Ark Aid Street Mission, (some missing)

June 2014 Overcomers Graduation
at Ark Aid Street Mission, (some missing)


2nd Overcomers Graduation at Ark Aid Street Mission, July 2014

2nd Overcomers Graduation at                               Ark Aid Street Mission, July 2014

Ark Aid Street Mission, London On.

Ark Aid Street Mission, London On.


Jamaica Mission 2014

Feb 21,2014
Hi Friends
This is the first chance I have had to sent anything other than I wrote to say we had arrived. We have been very active and the Lord has gone before us and prepared the way. We have been to 5 prisons in 3 days and over a hundred inmates have invited the Lord into there lives. Below is a description written by Brent about our visit to Hilltop Boys Correctional Centre. He did wonderful describing it so he gave me permission to forward it. Also below that is his description of Tower St. the biggest prison in Jamaica. I might add we were well received and given a tour of the rehabilitation area. God really opened the prison doors not only to minister to others but to open the eyes of the team as well. Thank you Jesus.
For those of you who are interested and have the time please read on past the pictures you will be able to visualize where we have been by what Brent has written.
Bless you.

DSC02977February 2014 Prison Ministry Team
Jonathan English & Brent Bishop from New Brunswick and Don & Judy McKay from Haliburton, Ontario


Team that went to Hilltop Boys Correctional Center. Back- Don, Jonathan & Brent

Font -Sister Gwendolyn, Judy, Sister Stewart and Sister Gordon.
Bless you and thank you.


 Tower St. Maximum Security Men’s Prison


Fort Augusta Women’s Prison

DSC03004Fort Augusta bringing in books, Brent’s book,” All Fired Up”, Karla Faye Tucker’s book and a book from Sheila Holland’s “There is a Way Out” THANK YOU!!


Don & Brent & Jonathan are standing in proxy apologizing to the women for all the hurt done to them by men. This was very moving.


The ladies at Fort Augusta, the Holy Spirit was there. The choir sang and we were all touched.

Please pray for this lady she is an inmate and is grieving for her 16 year old son who was murdered two weeks ago. Pray the Lord comfort her and allow her to pray for and forgive the murderer.


Below Written by Brent Bishop, his view on Hilltop Boy Jail

As I sat in the back of a white Nissan van that was slowly winding its way up a very narrow steep road, accompanied by Jonah English, Don & Judy McKay and the driver Eric, I looked to my left and saw a view that was breath taking, I looked down over valleys that were covered in a lush green, on the sides of the jungle hills you could see small houses here and there, and as you raised your view over the valleys you could see clear to the ocean, with it beautiful blue waves rolling toward the sanding beaches that ran for miles. We were well up a mountain in Jamaica heading to the Boys Youth Correctional Jail, and as the buildings, fences, and razor wire came into view I soon forgot about the beauty that was just behind me.

There were no electric powered doors only gates with paddle locks. The guard station had six windows in the front and four of them were either broken out or half broken out. There were no oak counters to sign the registration book on or metal detectors to go through, just a couple of desks to go around then down a narrow hall, and through a door made of bars, not steel and glass, to my left I could not help but notice three lock down cells, used to punish or protect the bad boys, The doors were made of a rusty steel, and had large paddle locks on them, the only window in the door was a slot approximately 3”X12” that had been cut out with a blow torch. At the end of the hall was a round room that looked to be about 25ft from one side to the other, with four ranges off it, each range was open to view, because there were no walls or doors in the front of them only bars. There were no cells in the ranges that I could see, each range was completely open and all that I noticed when I looked in were beds, and the sad eyes of the boys who choose not to come to the service

The service was held in the dinning that was also connected to the circular room, and as I entered this room I was happy to see 50 young men waiting to hear what we had to say. From what I could see the boys ages ran from as young as 12 up to say 17 and I come not help to feel a true companion for each one of them.

My mind wandered back to the days that I was locked up in one of the correctional jails and I knew the hurt, the home sickness, the loneliness and the abuse that some of the boys must be going through.

The service started Judy McKay doing the introductions and sharing a word, then three of the local volunteer’s lead us in song and worship, as they were singing praises I went into prayer, I wanted so much to make a difference in the young lives of these boys and I knew without the boldness and help of the Holy Spirit I had no power whatsoever. So I left the natural realm and went into the spiritual realm where I called in Jesus name to be anointed with the Holy Spirit.

Next Jonathan shared from his heart, telling how much love he has for the Lord; the boys were enjoying his every word.

Then he they turned the floor over to me, and again Jesus did not let me down, I shared some of my testimony about when I was their age, and I am sure I added Gods love to that as I went along, I cannot remember everything that was said through me, but one thing I will remember, is that when the chance to except Jesus as their Saviour was given Twenty-Four boys stood up out of their seats came to the alter, looked up to the heavens, raised their arms into the air and prayed a prayer asking Jesus to come into their heart’s and forgive their sins, Praise the Lord. Jonathan and I went to each of the boys, talked to them a little shook their hand, and gave them a copy of my book, I am not sure who got the largest blessing, the boys or the team that went in.

Be Blessed in Jesus and know you are loved.


God bless you all and thank you for your continued prayers.

See you here, there or in the air Judith McKay
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